Covid-19 Update


May 18, 2020

We are preparing to open our offices on June 1st if all of our back-ordered protection equipment arrives.

Until this acute phase of the virus passes, we will be operating according to the safety rules given to us by the authorities. 

1. For now all of our desk business will be electronic, e-mail, regular mail or text messaging to avoid any congestion at the desk and maintaining social distancing.

2. Prior to a first visit a specific disclaimer of liability must be signed and in the file before any continued treatment at our office. This form will be available on our website for downloading in order to save time during their appointment.

3. Once patients arrive in the parking lot they will call or text their arrival and receive instructions.

4. According to the guidelines, only the patient will be allowed in the office, and must appear with a mask to enter.  A completed health questionnaire must be completed before each visit and a temperature check made before being allowed into the treatment area. This form will also be available to be downloaded and completed prior to coming to the office.

5. The reception area and waiting room will officially be closed, as not anyone other than the patient is allowed in the office.  The tooth-brushing area will also be unavailable, so all oral hygiene must be done at home prior to the visit.

6. Since this new schedule will be time-sensitive because of our restrictions, the first visit back can be a regular visit if there is no damage or extra work needed.  If appliances are damaged and more extensive work is needed, the patient will be rescheduled with the appropriate time needed.  Therefore, it will be imperative to arrive for the scheduled time as patients will only be seen during their scheduled time.

7. We will soon start making appointments and have the necessary documents available for you.

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