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Covid-19 Update

Edward J. Pavlik, DDS & Assoc., Ltd
Covid-19 Update


I am sure all our patients are very eager to complete their treatment. We have been ordered by authorities not to practice orthodontics until we are cleared to do so. We must adhere to the rulings by the Governor, the American Association of Orthodontists and the American Dental Association for a safe return to our office for all concerned. This is a preliminary guide, as orthodontic treatment as we know it will be considerably different and more inconvenient for the patients and the professional staff.

Be assured that all new precautions ordered will be in effect when we open our office. Special emphasis will be placed on cleaning and disinfecting contact surfaces, the use of masks, goggles, facial shields and gloves. Social distancing will be in effect and access to the office proper will have special guidelines.

In preparation for your visit a number of things will occur. We will forward through our Facebook page, (Pavlik & Associates Orthodontists), our website (, or through email a questionnaire with specific health questions, a copy of which needs to be brought to each appointment. Also, a specific disclaimer for liability will have to be signed by every patient or their parent, requesting treatment. Everyone will be requested to wait in their car until they are called in to the office. It will be imperative to wear a mask when entering the office, and it is recommended that companions not enter the office except for an emergency, with prior approval.

In order to avoid any congestion at the desk area and maintain social distancing, financial arrangements ideally will be handled prior to coming to the office. Once the patient is called into the office with mask on, and their questionnaire completed, their temperature will be recorded.

The patient will be directed to a chair, at all times maintaining social distancing. Oral hygiene must be completed at home, as we will not be allowed to provide an area for this activity. The reception area will also be closed off except for the possibility of one or two seats, again adhering to social distancing.

Our new practice regime will be more complicated and less efficient. It will be imperative that the patients and their companions adhere to their scheduled time of arrival, as patients will only be seen at their reserved time.

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